Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sandbox City Flyby Video

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Flyby Video

(soundtrack: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Siberian Sleigh Ride)

Video Notes:

Blue Mars ( is a 3D virtual world in development, based on the CryENGINE 2 graphics engine. Its currently in early beta, and should be done sometime in 2010.

Sandbox City ( is my project to open up a public building area within Blue Mars, similar to SL sandboxes. The terrain map is 4096x4096m. I built the map from scratch :-) and recorded the video.

We start at the 0,0 corner, and fly past the building area (the area with roads), up to the mountains, and back. The furthest we get is about 40% of the way across the map. Since it is under construction, there is very little there yet aside from the landscape. People will use their imagination to add whatever they want to it. You can too if you want.


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