Saturday, December 26, 2009

Tharsis Estates Open for Lease

Tharsis Estates is the residential and commercial partner to Sandbox City. The main difference is size (1024x1024m) and primary purpose. Sandbox City is larger (4096x4096m) and is primarily intended for experimental and learning use, or for people who want a lot of room.

I am accepting residents for Tharsis Estates on a free trial experimental basis for lots up to 16K square meters, and for larger lots with 50% of the setup fee in advance. The reason for the up front payment for larger lots is to prevent one person from grabbing all the waterfront and road frontage for free. When there are enough residents for the city to go live on the Blue Mars servers, then the balance of the setup and monthly hosting will be due.

During the experimental period, you can receive your block, edit it with your items, and have it merged back to the city file. The city file will be distributed to residents, so they can see and play with the whole thing, and log in with other residents and guests in "developer mode". Within reason I will modify the landscape for you, and add infrastructure items. I have already put in a couple of roads, two boat docks, and a bunch of trees.

I have marked out a few starter lots. Others can be cut as needed. A flyby video is available on Vimeo, and photos on Picasa

The rates are as follows (both US$, and Second Life L$ - the Blue Mars economy is too new for me to accept their money yet). For intermediate sizes, add units of the various lines to get a total.

Area / Data allowance / Setup fee / Hosting /
1024m / 0.25MB / $3 (L$800) / $1/mo (L$60/wk)
4096m / 1.0MB / $10 (L$2700) / $3.5/mo (L$210/wk)
16K m / 4.0MB / $30 (L$8000) / $12/mo (L$725/wk)
64K m / 16.0MB / $100 (L$27,000) / $40/mo (L$2400/wk)

If you have questions, you can leave it here in the comments, or contact me in Second Life (DanielRavenNest Noe). My user name is danielravennest on gmail and Blue Mars also.


At January 4, 2010 at 11:04 PM , Blogger ashasekayi said...

How many concurrent users will the city have when it is live? Also, these areas would be suitable for functional shops?

At January 5, 2010 at 10:43 PM , Blogger DanielRavenNest said...

In developer mode there is no limit that I know of, and no cost either. So treat it as a sandbox area to learn the Blue Mars system and practice building. What I hope is several people will commit to block rentals at which point we can bring the city live. I estimate I need 3% of the land area rented to go to the outpost level, and 30% to go to the village level.

I have asked that they put in some more price points between 5 and 50 users, that's a big jump to get over and makes it hard for someone starting small to grow.

Clubs and shops would be fine. I don't want it to *all* be clubs and shops to start with, I don't have the budget to support that level of concurrency starting out.

At January 5, 2010 at 10:47 PM , Blogger DanielRavenNest said...

Oh, I should point out that I plan to sell prefab homes, furniture, landscaping, etc myself, so I would be using a portion of the city for that. But Blue Mars cities are large enough that one person really cannot fill it by themselves.


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