Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clouds and Landscaping

Been adding new things to the Tharsis Estates build. First up is landscaping for the house. The grass is a Blue Mars "common" item (provided to all developers). For now I applied it to the "Grass_clover" terrain layer as a "vegetation" item. That means it is low cost in data, and automatically bends in the wind. Since it's applied to the whole terrain, its popping up some places I don't want it, like the brick path. That can be worked on later.

The rocks and plants in the picture are actually copies of *one* rock model and *one* plant model, with various sizes, rotations, and color tints applied. This shows how to be efficient with your data allowance for a city. Copies cost a lot less than unique items.

The second photo shows the cloud effects. There are two layers of clouds here. One is a flat texture placed at high altitude. The other is a 3D cloud that moves according to whatever speed and direction you set. Both are special types of items you place in the sky, so that the CryEngine 2 software knows how to adjust their appearance for different times of day.

Some other items that are not as visible are adjusting the water waves, adding more variety to the trees, and smoothing rough spots in the terrain.


At January 7, 2010 at 5:08 AM , Blogger  said...

Looks good Daniel. Actually I say that for this post and the house one. I haven't gotten to this stage yet. Still doing the general landscaping, shaping, etc. I did construct a home and shop from the pieces provided by BM in our inventory. BTW, do you know how to get rid of the "river" that runs through the land saying "land for sale" admin not here or something to that effect? I cannot find what that is and I've gone through everything inworld. Thanks. Holt

At January 7, 2010 at 1:13 PM , Blogger DanielRavenNest said...

If you are editing a sample block made by BM or me, we use the "Road" tool both for roads and to mark the borders of a block. The block export is missing some needed files, so it may show as "No texture" or "for lease", but it cannot be removed in the block editor. In the city editor it can be made invisible in the merged build.


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