Friday, January 22, 2010

Tharsis Version 3 Available for Download

Download link is to the right.  Changes in this update:

- I added a third house (the one with the paved driveway) and a "bus station"
- Added two kinds of fence to two of the houses, and additional furniture.
- I have added a couple of car models, the blue one is sittable, though I know there are graphics glitches with it, and I have not figured out how to make them drive.

One of the things I have been doing is trying different size doorways, ceiling heights, and room sizes to see how they "feel".  Normally with virtual worlds you need to oversize things a bit since the screen viewpoint is not at the same place as the avatar's eyes, and real people can maneuver better than avatars.  Until Blue Mars settles on the updated movement and camera controls, I will leave the different sizes around for testing.

This package is a lot smaller than the last version, since I removed textures which are not being used.  I had just included my whole texture set the first time around.


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