Thursday, February 25, 2010

Avatar Templates

A set of templates are available for download to the right.  These show where to put images in order to create custom skins for Blue Mars.  The basic method is to load a template as the base layer in Photoshop or other image software.  Then place the your own textures on top of that, and make it slightly transparent so you can see the lines underneath to line things up properly.  When lined up, make it 100% opaque again, and export your finished texture.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Custom Avatars Now Possible in Blue Mars

The "Body Editor" was released just recently, which allows editing the shape and skin of a Blue Mars avatar.  This is a major step forward, although they still have a number of major steps to getting finished.  I mostly do non-human items like furniture, but I did a new face and skin-layer clothing just to see how it works.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My original upload to Mediafire got corrupted, as one of the other developers found out (thank you).  I have re-uploaded it and this time downloaded it back to myself to make sure it works :-)

New Download Link:
New File Name: (45.9MB)

I also updated the README file to explain to change the name of the unpacked folder from SANDv4-10Feb2010 to SAND and then move it to the Levels folder to run.

Tharsis Version 4 Available for Download

The latest version is out, download link is to the right.  Here's whats new:

- A Police Call Box at the landing point with special effects.
- Background islands to make the city feel part of an island chain and not isolated in an infinite ocean.
- A power boat at one of the waterfront piers (not drivable)
- Creepy Barn imported from CryMod EOD team (thanks) as demo of import from that community.
- Split-rail fence and two types of chairs to Tin Roof house.
- Interior walls, lots of furniture, some decorations, and 5 static female models to the modern house. I added occluders to improve performance.

Instructions are included in the zip file.  The total package is more than double in size because I added a lot of items, but I will be able to reduce that a fair amount the next time, since I discovered we can use DXT1 formatted texture files instead of DXT3, which will cut them in half in size.