Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tharsis Version 4 Available for Download

The latest version is out, download link is to the right.  Here's whats new:

- A Police Call Box at the landing point with special effects.
- Background islands to make the city feel part of an island chain and not isolated in an infinite ocean.
- A power boat at one of the waterfront piers (not drivable)
- Creepy Barn imported from CryMod EOD team (thanks) as demo of import from that community.
- Split-rail fence and two types of chairs to Tin Roof house.
- Interior walls, lots of furniture, some decorations, and 5 static female models to the modern house. I added occluders to improve performance.

Instructions are included in the zip file.  The total package is more than double in size because I added a lot of items, but I will be able to reduce that a fair amount the next time, since I discovered we can use DXT1 formatted texture files instead of DXT3, which will cut them in half in size.


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