Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Mars gets $4.2 million in Venture Financing

The original blog post from the CEO, Jim Sink is here: Blue Mars Blog

What this means in practical terms is enough funding to go for a year to 18 months, which should be enough to get them out of beta and hopefully self-supporting.  Anyone worried that Blue Mars would fold from lack of funding should rest easy now. 

Meanwhile I have been working on a tutorial for the "Material Editor" in the various Blue Mars Editor programs. If you are doing much of anything in Blue Mars as far as creating things, you need to know how that works, since it controls how things look.  I'm about halfway done with it.  I am migrating all my tutorials to the wiki since it will be easier for people to find who have not found this blog.

My Tutorials List

Half finished Material Editor Tutorial


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