Monday, March 29, 2010

Material Editor Tutorial Finished

I have finished writing a tutorial on the "Material Editor" component of the Blue Mars editors.  It is not 100% complete - there are parts of the editor I do not know about, but it is everything I know about it right now:

Blue Mars Developer Wiki: Material Editor page

What this editor does is to edit an XML file which contains all the settings for the CryEngine 2 graphics engine to follow when displaying an object.  There are over 200 settings total which can be applied to each part of an object's surface, and one object can have many "sub materials" on different parts.  Not all the settings can be used at once, they come in sets which are defined by the basic Shader you choose (glass, cloth, metal, etc), and apply the texture maps you input in various ways.

The link to the right will now point to my tutorials list on the Blue Mars Dev Wiki instead of a file you download.  More people will be looking there for information, and one link can point to a growing list of tutorials as I write more of them.


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