Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tharsis Version 5 Available for Download

The latest version of my under-construction city is now posted for download (on the right)

The reason for the two month gap since the last version is I was mostly doing several other things: updating the builders kit, and writing a tutorial on the "Material Editor".  New stuff in this version includes:

- Replaced most textures that were DXT3 with DXT1 (except alpha textures), since that takes half the file size.  Optimized some texture sizes.  A lot of behind the scenes fixes to file pointers and cleaning up editor errors. Not all models have been fixed of glitches yet.

- Added demo shopping street and modular store/office building.  It is built on with 4 meter modules that can be put together in many floor plans.

- Improved terrain layer textures for the mountain area

- Added a Demo house built entirely with the builder kit shapes and textures, to prove you can actually use the kit for interesting projects.

- Added some sample boxes with bump textures, and a sample material display model (the box with the ball on it).  Sample displays like this are a standard way to show how 3D materials look.

- Added Kitchen appliances model to the Modern House

- Added Earth globe just for fun.


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