Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tharsis Estates Uploaded, To be online soon....

I uploaded my city files yesterday, and it passed the initial Quality Assurance screening, so it should be online soon.  There are still some defects in the blue car and some of the furniture items, and I have lots more improvements to add in the future, but at least you will be able to visit it in normal player mode rather than downloading my preview versions in the future.

Here is the "icon" I submitted as what will show in the Places browser:

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blue Mars Features & Tharsis Upload

A new version of the Blue Mars software is due out between 2 and 6 pm Hawaii Standard Time tomorrow.  Why HST?  That is where their offices are.

Confirmed new feature is the ability to upload new avatar shapes and skins.  More features are expected, and I will update this post when I know more for sure.

Tharsis Estates, which I have been working on the last 4 months, by coincidence, is ready for upload.  I hit a small snag that the "Buy City" button on my account page, where I sign up to pay the hosting fees, was not working because their "Save Card Info" was broken (I had used my card last month to get a starter amount of Blue Mars currency (blu$). Jim Sink, the CEO of the company, emailed me tonight that the fix was to re-enter my card data.  Now that is customer service!

Since other people will hopefully be renting space in the city from me, that means I will no longer be updating the preview versions of the city as I have been in the past.  I cannot just send out files that contain other people's items.  But you will be able to visit it live on Blue Mars.  If I start up a new city project, then likely I will do previews again so people can visit it ahead of time.

I prepared a large map of the city, which you can download from Tharsis 2048x2048 pixel map from Mediafire

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tharsis Version 6 Available for Download

Download Link is to the right ---->

What's New:

- This release I tried to clean up most of the remaining startup errors to get it ready for
QA/Launch.  If you see any missing textures or other errors, please let me know.

- Moved spawn point to boat dock, and added covered walkway.

- Added another shop building with additional modular shop components and extended
shopping street.

- Added teleport network using the police call boxes.

Future work to get ready to launch:

- Set up blocks and shops with rental shelves.

- Remove female models since they are too "adult" to pass QA.

- Improvements to sample houses and added furniture as time permits

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting Ready for Tharsis Version 6

I've been working on the arrival and shopping areas to get another version of Tharsis out.  These photos are work-in-progress shots.  Click the images for a larger view.