Monday, May 17, 2010

New Blue Mars Features & Tharsis Upload

A new version of the Blue Mars software is due out between 2 and 6 pm Hawaii Standard Time tomorrow.  Why HST?  That is where their offices are.

Confirmed new feature is the ability to upload new avatar shapes and skins.  More features are expected, and I will update this post when I know more for sure.

Tharsis Estates, which I have been working on the last 4 months, by coincidence, is ready for upload.  I hit a small snag that the "Buy City" button on my account page, where I sign up to pay the hosting fees, was not working because their "Save Card Info" was broken (I had used my card last month to get a starter amount of Blue Mars currency (blu$). Jim Sink, the CEO of the company, emailed me tonight that the fix was to re-enter my card data.  Now that is customer service!

Since other people will hopefully be renting space in the city from me, that means I will no longer be updating the preview versions of the city as I have been in the past.  I cannot just send out files that contain other people's items.  But you will be able to visit it live on Blue Mars.  If I start up a new city project, then likely I will do previews again so people can visit it ahead of time.

I prepared a large map of the city, which you can download from Tharsis 2048x2048 pixel map from Mediafire


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