Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tharsis Updated July 12th - Software Update July 15th

Tharsis Update

The existing shops, including my own, were getting filled/rented, so it was time to add more.  The photo is an aerial view of "Main Street" which is just up the road from the landing point.  The main changes this time were to add two new buildings, and more shelves to my own shop.  The large building on the left will be my future main shop, and the one on the top right with the skylights has been rented for another tenant.  I also added 25 more shelves to my own shop (on the second floor), because the first 50 were filled. 

Total use is now 205 of 500 allowed shop shelves, so Tharsis is 41% of shop capacity as an outpost.  There is room for a couple of more buildings on Main street on the right, and once I move to my larger quarters my original building can be rented out.  Tharsis is now self-supporting on rents, not counting any clothes I manage to sell, which is wonderful considering it has only been online a couple of months.  Designers are now producing items at an accelerated rate (5-10 new items a day I estimate), so the days of avatars all looking alike are rapidly being left behind.

Software Update

A minor update to the Blue Mars software was released this afternoon, both the player client, and the developer kit.  See the Blue Mars Developer Wiki Release Notes Page for details.


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