Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tharsis version 12 - 21 July 2010 & Building Code

Tharsis Updated to version 12:

The next version of Tharsis was uploaded and passed QA yesterday, and is online now. Here is what's new:

- Modified my new main store at #1 Diffuse Drive (left side from spawn point) by editing textures, fixing some missing shadows, and adding store signs.   I will be moving out of #1 Main Street over the next couple of weeks as I get the shop interiors set up in  the new building.  The shoes and boots department is the first to move, and is online with this update.

- Removed "For Lease" sign from #2 Main Street as the building is now rented.

- Added new tenant block at end of Main Street with future club building.  Welcome to Greg at Hen Soup Studios!  He is working on playing music in the club only (ie not the entire city).  I look forward to that becoming a popular hangout.

- Added a new tenant block down Alpha Lane (turn right at the blue teleporter).  Its at X=632, so more than halfway to the next intersection.  It's currently rented, but empty.

New Building Code:

I create and build things myself, and do not like to impose on anyone else's creative freedom.  Tharsis Estates has an overall theme, though, and I want it to look good for other tenants and visitors, so I have set the following conditions on building there:

(1) In the Main Street and residential areas, publicly visible exteriors should fit the theme, quality, and scale of the area. Interiors and areas hidden by plants, privacy fences, or the equivalent are up to tenant discretion.

(2) Builds which have technical errors when the city loads such as missing textures, collision boundaries extending past the property line, broken scripts, etc may be repaired or left out of the city upload as needed so the entire city can pass QA.  I will try to help correct such problems when I find them.

(3) Areas outside Main Street and residential areas do not need to fit any particular theme or standards if not visible from those areas. They only need to be able to pass Blue Mars Quality Assurance. These include: Educational, Demonstration, Experimental Sandbox, Outer Islands, Sky Platforms, and Caves, and any other type of areas people think up.


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