Monday, July 26, 2010

Tharsis version 13 - New Stores Open!

I just uploaded the latest version of Tharsis Estates to the Blue Mars site.  It needs to go through their QA, and hopefully will get online late tonight.

Brack Breen and El Electron now have their shops populated at #3 and #2 Main Street respectively, so
congratulations to them getting open.

 City file changes were:

- Corrected some missing textures around main store back doors, and added some interior store signs.  My new main store is now set up with all my items and the old building emptied out. I needed to move to a larger store simply because the old one was full.

- Added buildings at #5 & #6 Main Street with added shop entities.  Removed for lease signs and yellow construction  strips from those lots. Total shelf count is now at maximum for Outpost (500), so there will be no more shops until traffic increases and the city can upgrade to a higher price plan with higher limits.  Tharsis was intended to grow to Village level (50 concurrent avatars maximum), but there is no point in paying the higher hosting fees  until it's necessary.

- Removed interior items from #1 Main Street (my old store), and rebuilt #1 and #2 Main Street in the Block Editor rather than city editor so they will appear in the Shop Editor. If you have a shop in one of those buildings, try to download the shop data again and see if the buildings show up.  This is one of those "I didn't know I had to do it that way when I first did the buildings" things.

- Extended Main Street to the new club building, and minor terrain modifications around all buildings to better match the structures.  Greg has been working on getting a music stream to play in the club, but doing flowgraphs is new to me and I am having trouble getting it to work in Tharsis, even though his demo works fine in a test city.  I may have to rebuild that part in the city level from scratch, rather than import it in his block.

- Added trees around Main Street and Diffuse Drive houses for overall looks. In particular I didn't want my big main store to mess up the view from the beach houses, but also in general to buffer the shop from residential areas.


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