Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sandbox City updated to Version 4 - 27 Sept 2010

The next version of Sandbox City went online last night.  Here are the detailed changes:

* Added modular house kit components to common data, and built a demo house from the components.  The demo house has been converted to an AR_Prefab, and features working doors using flowgraph.  See the previous post for more details.

* Added prim kit display to sandbox area, and changed ground texture to sand (obviously :-) )

* Added signs to house and sandbox linking to information web pages.  I now have a website for Tirion Designs, so I am starting to put information/tutorials on there.

* Added 3 terrain transition textures and applied them to a few roads to cover the seams where terrain textures meet.  The main terrain textures are defined per grid point, which has a two meter spacing in Sandbox City.  At the seam where two textures meet, it leaves an aliased (jagged) transition.  Roads lay flat to the terrain, and by blending the two textures on either side in Photoshop, I can apply the blended transition to the road, and use that to cover the unsightly seams.


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