Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tharsis Estates Updated to Version 17 - 30 Sep 2010

The latest version of Tharsis Estates just went online.  Here's what's new:

* Tiki torches on the waterfront bar are now working.  I will gradually add more decor to the bar.

* I removed the  "prim yard" and texture demo items, since Sandbox City will be the building tutorial area in the future.

* I imported the red brick model home via Block_1.  It had been set up as a prefab in Sandbox city, so I wanted to learn how to move things from one city to another.  Block 1 I use for myself to test things.  Importing as an AR_Prefab does not allow the doors to function, but extracting the parts allowed them to work.

In general I plan to upgrade all the model homes, since I know a lot more about building than when I first did them, and the modular design (kits) works better for custom homes.

* Added clickable signs at Tirion Designs main store and model home linking to new website.  The website will hold building tutorials and info about my clothing and house items.


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