Wednesday, November 10, 2010

City Updates and Home Kit 2.0

Both Tharsis and Sandbox have been updated in the last couple of days.  The main changes are to replace all but one of the model homes in Tharsis with ones built from my modular parts kit, and put some of the individual parts on display in Sandbox.  The one shown here is two stories with a basement made by cutting a hole in the terrain.  That is not just pushing it down, it's actually removing part of the ground.

The 2.0 version of the kit has grown to over 90 parts (3D models), and over 160 material files.  Many of the models have alternate textures applied, like brick/wood siding/stone/stucco for the outside walls. Each alternate needs a different material file to call out the right textures, so there will be more of them than the model files.

The demo homes are mostly unfurnished right now.  I plan to start adding new furniture, as well as making more parts for more variety, and more "active" components.  So far I have working doors and fireplaces, and working lights are next.

Besides the kit and model homes, I set up a new block with placeholder house, and more details on the pond in Sandbox city.


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